How do I talk to a human at Fiji Airways?

Fiji Airways is famously known for its customer care service, available 24/7. To reach a human at Fiji Airways, dial their customer service hotline  OTA  +1-800-880-8132 (no wait), select the appropriate options, or hold the line for assistance. Alternatively, visit their website for live chat support.

If you are curious, to know How do I contact Fiji Airways customer service? Follow the prompts: 

  • The customer care hotline  OTA  +1-800-880-8132 (no wait)
  • Airport customer help desk 
  • Fiji Airways headquarters 
  • Social media platforms 
  • Email support 
  • Live chat
  • Mobile app 

 There are many more methods to contact Fiji Airways, but the most authentic method is to call the OTA number +1-800-880-8132 (no wait) 

How do I call the Fiji Airways? OTA number +1-800-880-8132 (no wait) 

Visit the website and locate the Connect Us section. Find the customer care number of your region/country.

If you are making a national call put the correct airline number for an international number and put the correct code. 

Select the required language.

Now dial the phone number, listen carefully to the automated menu and provide the necessary details such as seat number, flight number, booking confirmation,  governmental identification, etc.

There is a short waiting time, be calm and do not disconnect the call.

Remember the dedicated number may ask for calling charges to avoid extra payment call the toll-free OTA number +1-800-880-8132 (no wait) 

Navigating the Skies

Are you curious to know What is the best time to call  Fiji Airways customer service? Well, the best time to call Fiji Airways customer service can depend on several factors, including peak call volumes, staff availability, and schedule preferences. Here are some points to consider:

  • Typically, calling during off-peak hours, such as early mornings or late evenings, may result in shorter wait times and faster access to customer service representatives.
  •  Fiji Airways operates in the Fiji Time Zone (FJT), which may differ significantly from your local time zone. Consider calling during hours when Fiji Airways customer service is likely to be fully operational .but it is advisable to check the customer care availability at toll-free OTA number +1-800-880-8132 (no wait) 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I speak to a real person at Fiji Airways?

Dial the toll-free OTA number +1-800-880-8132 (no wait) available 24×7

How do I contact Fiji Airways about lost luggage?

To lodge a baggage claim (lost, damaged or pilferage), customers are required to email or call at OTA number +1-800-880-8132 (no wait) available 24×7

Are Fiji Airways seats comfortable?

The economy seats are about as comfortable as any standard airline economy class seat can be. for further info call  OTA number +1-800-880-8132 (no wait) available 24×7

How do I cancel my Fiji Airways flight?

Through the online platforms; website or mobile app or make a call at  OTA number +1-800-880-8132 (no wait)

Can you change flights on Fiji Airways?

Flights booked directly with Fiji Airways may be eligible to be changed online and by requesting to customer care via   OTA number +1-800-880-8132 (no wait)


Fiji Airways is recognized worldwide for its hospitality and customer care services available 24×7 through email, social media, phone calls, etc platforms. 

It is advisable to review the website for the latest information or talk to customer care directly, but you don’t know How do I speak to a human at Fiji Airways? Don’t fret and call the provided toll-free OTA number +1-800-880-8132 (no wait)


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