How do I contact Air Canada for a refund?

Have you cancelled your trip with Air Canada? You have the right to request a refund from the agency. Know all about your rights and steps on How do I contact Air Canada for a refund by reading this blog. In this blog, we have highlighted the easy methods and eligibility for a full refund. 

Travel with us, and get to know all tactics before requesting a refund from Air Canada.

For a direct conversation with experts on this matter, call OTA: +1-800-880-8132

Checklists Before Requesting Air Canada Refund 

IF you are a passenger looking on how to get the maximum refund from Air Canada, check if you qualify on these conditions.

  • Cancel on the same day for full money back
  • Cancel on later dates will reduce the refund value.
  • If you have an eCoupon, you can request to transfer the refunded value to your original form of payment.

To know about How do I get a full refund on Air Canada?, call agents at OTA: +1-800-880-8132

Steps To Request Refund

Once you have checked your eligibility for a refund with live agents, you can ask them to request a refund for you or follow any of these below methods:

For easy refund request ask live agents at OTA: +1-800-880-8132

Timeframe For Money Back

Air Canada usually processes our refund within 2- 4 weeks. You will receive the refund through the mode you used for booking. If you want to check with live agents on How long will Air Canada refunds take, call OTA: +1-800-880-8132

Air Canada Ticket Types and Refundability

Air Canada comes with a wide range of seat options, some are refundable while others are not. Among these Air Canada comfort seats are refundable seats. 

Air Canada comfort seats come with additional charges more than the economy seats because it is refundable. So, for uncertain travel plans, it is safe to book an Air Canada comfort seat because a full refund is guaranteed.

If you want to know more about Is Air Canada Comfort fully refundable? Call OTA: +1-800-880-8132

Air Canada cancelled My Flight

If Air Canada cancels flights, it will make alternate options for flight bookings, but if you are claiming for a refund, the airline will return your money. IF you want a refund, call OTA: +1-800-880-8132

    Usually, you have the opportunity to choose on your dates and timings for an alternate flight option where the fare difference will be borne by the airlines.

Contact Air Canada  Customer Service

 For cancellation or refund help, you can directly contact Air Canada live agents at help desks which is the most reliable option. There are several ways to How do I contact Air Canada customer service: 


  • Call the helpline of Air Canada at OTA: +1-800-880-8132
  • Listen for the option that says “Refund Request”
  • If you cannot find the option, just stay on the line.
  • You will be automatically connected to a live agent where you can discuss your problem.
  • Follow their steps to request a refund successfully


  • Visit the website of Air Canada
  • Choose the chat icon
  • A new chat box will open.
  • You can type in your questions like Are Air Canada paid seats refundable?
  • A live agent will guide you through the process of requesting a refund and what documents you should have in hand.


  • For a detailed refund request, craft an email.
  • Include all details like- booking, cancellation, the amount paid, and other supporting documents.
  • Send it to Air Canada\’s email ID.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I get a 100% refund on flight cancellation?

If you meet the terms and conditions of that airline you can receive a 100% refund. Call for more info at OTA: +1-800-880-8132

How long does Air Canada flight credit last?

Air Canada flight credits never expire until fully used. Call for more info at OTA: +1-800-880-8132

Do Air Canada refund vouchers expire?

Air Canada refund vouchers cannot expire as they do not have any expiry date. Call OTA: +1-800-880-8132


I hope this blog on How do I get a full refund on Air Canada, has brought all information pertaining to Air Canada refund and cancellation procedures. For more information, contact Air Canada customer care at OTA: +1-800-880-8132

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